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Accelerating Innovation Through Open Source


Find out how open source can disrupt your industry and give your organization a step up on innovation.

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Enable your team's creativity.

Very little innovation occurs when coding from the ground up. Recreating a technology base is a poor use of time, money, and developer resources. Organizations that embrace open source free their developers from these mundane tasks and make true innovation possible.

Download the eBook to learn how:

  • Open source collaboration helps organizations keep their top innovators engaged and continuously learning.
  • Getting involved in an open source ecosystem lowers the barriers to entry and drives commercial innovation and adoption at scale.
  • IoT and edge technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed ledger technologies are being supported by open source.

Discover how organizations are innovating with projects hosted at the Eclipse Foundation

“The Eclipse Foundation has a rich history of being an industry disrupter in an integrated development environment. It distinguishes itself in its long history and deep roots with large industry players.” 

- Deborah Bryan

Senior Director, OSPO, Red Hat

“The consistent approach to policies and regulations across Eclipse Foundation projects makes the entire development process much faster and easier.”

- Johannes Kristan

Eclipse Kuksa project co-lead

“Open source is now the foundation and bedrock of nearly all software, whether running cloud infrastructure, proprietary software packages, or enterprise systems.”

- Tyler Jewell

Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital
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