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Gain deep insights on the requirements, priorities, and challenges faced by organizations that are deploying and using commercial IoT solutions, including those based on open source technologies.

Executive Summary

> IoT is real and adoption is growing, if slower than the hype would indicate. Just under 40% of respondents are deploying IoT solutions today and another 22% plan to start deploying IoT within the next 2 years.

> Caution rules in the IoT market, with 30% of organizations planning to spend less $100K in the next year.

> IoT investment is on the rise, with 40% of organizations planning to increase their IoT spending in the next fiscal year.

> Open source pervades IoT with 60% of companies factoring open source into their IoT deployment plans

> Hybrid clouds lead the way for IoT deployments. Overall, AWS, Azure, and GCP are the leading cloud platforms for IoT implementations.


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