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Get your copy of the 2021 IoT & Edge Computing Commercial Adoption Survey Report


Gain a better understanding of the IoT & edge industry landscapes by finding out what requirements, priorities, and challenges enterprises are facing when deploying IoT and edge computing technologies.


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Key Findings:

  • IoT technologies are being adopted at an accelerated rate, and edge computing adoption is also picking up pace.
  • A growing number of organizations are looking into implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.
  • More organizations now see IoT and edge as strategic, with spending decisions being increasingly driven at the executive level.
  • Organizations are factoring open source into their deployment plans in an incremental mode. This clearly demonstrates that the dominant IoT & edge platforms will either be open source or based on open source.


About the Eclipse IoT Working Group 

The Eclipse Foundation has a proven track record of enabling developer-focused open source software collaboration and innovation earned since 2004. The Foundation’s Eclipse IoT Working Group alone represents one of the largest open source collaborations in the world spanning 47 projects from more than 360 contributors and over 32 million lines of code produced. Eclipse IoT projects have been adopted by world-leading companies across verticals to deliver commercial IoT solutions and services. 

About the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group 

The Eclipse Edge Native Working Group strives to provide ready-to-use technology that adheres to Edge Native principles that focuses on unifying architecture, to bring Cloud Native architectures to run at the edge. We’re focused on understanding and resolving the challenges that make the edge so different from the cloud