2021 Jakarta EE Developer Survey Report

The results of our new Jakarta EE Developer Survey showcase significantly increased growth in the use of Jakarta EE and interest in cloud native Java overall.

Now in its fourth year, the survey aims to help Java ecosystem stakeholders better understand the requirements, priorities, and perceptions of enterprise developer communities.

The survey also seeks to help the Java ecosystem gain a better understanding of how the cloud native world for enterprise Java is unfolding and what that means for their respective strategies and businesses.

Download this year's report for access to key findings and recommendations for enterprises and platform & software vendors!


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Insights on the Evolving Cloud Native Java Landscape

 Highlights Include:
  • Java EE 8, Jakarta EE 8 & Jakarta EE 9 hits the mainstream with 75% adoption.
  • MicroProfile adoption has increased to 34% (vs 29% in the previous year)
  • Jakarta EE is emerging as the second place cloud native framework with 47% usage.
  • Spring/Spring Boot continues to be the leading framework for building cloud native applications, with its share increasing by 16 points since 2020.
  • Usage of the microservices architecture for implementing Java systems in the cloud has slightly increased since last year.
  • Over 48% of survey respondents have either already migrated to Jakarta EE or plan to do so within the next 6 to 24 months.

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