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White Paper:
Open VSX Registry:
A Vendor Neutral, Open Source Marketplace for VS Code Extensions


Learn why the industry needs a more flexible and open approach to VS Code extensions and marketplace technologies.


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There is growing momentum around open source tools and technologies to support VS Code extensions.

Leading global organizations are adopting these tools and technologies for internal use and also as the basis for commercial offerings. This momentum has spurred demand for a marketplace that’s visually and functionally similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace, but without its limitations. From startups to enterprise corporations, cloud infrastructure to proprietary software, virtually every industry, business, organization, and developer is relying on open source. In fact, open source now comprises 80 to 90% of the code in a typical software application.

Download the white paper to learn:

What the Open VSX Registry means to the Microsoft Visual Studio world

How extension publishers are extending their reach with the Open VSX Registry

Why innovative organizations leverage Open VSX to create their own marketplaces