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Digital Innovation & IoT I Europe I 2021

Open Digital Platforms for the Industrial World in Europe 2021


Learn how leaders in industrial IoT have strengthened their position in the open source landscape with Eclipse IoT in this report from PAC RADAR.


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About the Eclipse IoT Working Group


The Eclipse Foundation has a proven track record of enabling developer-focused open source software collaboration and innovation earned since 2004. The Foundation’s Eclipse IoT Working Group alone represents one of the largest open source collaborations in the world spanning 47 projects from more than 360 contributors and over 32 million lines of code produced. Eclipse IoT projects have been adopted by world-leading companies across verticals to deliver commercial IoT solutions and services.

Download the research report to learn:

How the open source model ensures that no single entity controls strategy, policies and operation of projects

Why the Eclipse Foundation, with the Eclipse IoT Working Group, is the leading open source community around IoT today


How the participation of Eclipse IoT members like Bosch, Eurotech, and Red Hat is strengthening the ecosystem