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Open Source
Community Participation 
Drives Business Success


Find out how progressive business leaders embrace open source participation to unleash innovation.


Business Of Open Source Ebook (1)

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Embrace Full Open Source Participation to Unleash Innovation

Across industry sectors, businesses of all sizes and at every stage of development are adopting open source software. Many of these organizations also recognize the business benefits of actively participating in open source software projects.


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  • Open source contribution increases competitive advantage.
  • Most modern, advanced technologies benefit from open source collaboration.
  • Open source participation accelerates time to market and increases adaptability. 

Discover the Value of Open Source Participation


“Building an open source culture is about more than using open source software within the code; it extends to encouraging contribution and participation in the open-source community as well as adopting a similar approach to how code is shared internally.”

- McKinsey & Company

“From a pure visibility perspective, to have that compatibility stamp and to be seen as a major player at the top table of a major industry initiative is money well spent."

- Steve Millidge

Founder, CEO, and Technical Director, Payara Services


“Open source work has certainly helped us build a reputation for our whole team and for our company. Just by having this level of engagement in these communities, I think we have gained a reputation that makes our marketing efforts easier.”

- Miro Spönemann

Head of Engineering, TypeFox