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How Open Source Working Groups Drive Collaboration and Innovation


Learn how open collaboration increases the strategic value of open source software

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Participate in a collaborative ecosystem.

Organizations that use, and contribute to, open source software understand that open source is a strategic enabler that helps them achieve business goals. But only organizations that take the next step and join working groups can unlock the full business value an open source strategy can deliver.

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  • Working groups go beyond the good work that software developers contribute to enable open collaboration and innovation across organizations.
  • Members of working groups can align on common interests and develop a shared vision for open source software evolution that benefits all.
  • Working group benefits, such as vendor neutral governance and ecosystem development, allow members to focus on technology and innovation objectives while continuing to grow and diversify.


Organizations of all sizes, across various industries, are participating in working groups at the Eclipse Foundation


“When you have the ability to project yourself to a larger audience and to benefit from that collaboration with a large number of organizations, that’s a critical business benefit.” 

- Steve Millidge

Founder & CEO, Payara Services

“The more you get involved, the more you’re part of driving the foundation. By participating directly in the committees and taking part in the sponsorship opportunities, you help bring all users’ requirements together into those projects.”

- Todd M. Moore

VP Open Technology, IBM

“It’s not just the depth and breadth of IoT projects that are at the Eclipse Foundation, it’s the companies that are behind those projects and adopting the technologies.”

- Philipp Struss

Co-Founder and CEO, Cedalo
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